Tuesday, March 6, 2012

V and Wifi in the Park

Free 'weefee'. It's everywhere. The world comes to Paris to write its novel on its laptop, it seems, so there's even free wifi in the parks.

When the sun finally burst through today I headed round the corner to my local park, the Tuileries Gardens outside the Louvre. It was nice and quiet, as the Louvre is closed on Tuesdays, and I was deep in a piece of work when a pair of vertiginous red polkadot heels splashed into the corner of my vision. What a twit, I thought, as a girl hobbled past on shoes fit for a red carpet rather than the pink grit paths of a public park. Then I saw a cluster of them - like a beautiful alien race, all angular faces in strong make-up, tottering on giddy heels with weirdly long skinny legs, striking poses, surrounded by photographers.

It was a Valentino exclusive. So I got out my iPhone and did my first-ever Paris fashion shoot - in between a chapter break.


  1. So jealous! How wonderful to write in the park and to be interrupted by a photo shoot....I love it when things like that happen as they so often find their way into my books. I was doing some research last year and was at one of the D-Day Landing museums and there was a son and grandson pushing their dad/grandpa around in a wheel chair. Grandpa suddenly started singing very loudly some very rude songs. Son/grandson were mortified and kept trying to get him to shut up but as he said they were the songs they sang then and he was so happy. Enjoy your moments in Paris

  2. Thanks so much, Ness. What a brilliant story! You must use that somewhere, somehow. I'll hang onto mine too. x

  3. Live your dream Julie! I'm going to lap up your blog ;)) x

  4. Thank you, Anne, that's a lovely comment. Hope all is good with you - you always look as if you're living the dream! More later... X